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The Center for Excellence for Field Biology

The Center of Excellence for Field Biology

If you’re curious about nature, willing to get dirty and up for adventure, you’ll find amazing opportunities in our Center of Excellence for Field Biology.

Through the Center, you’ll have the opportunity to
• Work with professional field biologists to research issues like water quality, bat-killing
   fungus and the environmental impact of industry.
• Experience the great outdoors as you hike trails, shimmy through caves, kayak rivers and more.
• Research plants, insects, fish, reptiles/amphibians, mammals (including bats), animal behavior,
   birds or bioacoustics (animal communication).
• Build an eye-catching resume as you gain research experience in the lab and in the field.
• Enjoy immediate benefits of your hard work, like presenting your research at state, national and
   international conferences.
• Build on the knowledge you gain in your classes, applying what you learn in the classroom
   in the lab and in the field.
• Fill paid or unpaid research positions.

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