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Student D2L Help

Student Help

Welcome to the D2L student Help page. Here you will find information about the tools you will find in D2L. The help files are available in both HTML and PDF form.  Some tools also contain video tutorials and FAQs. Use the legend below to access the file type you wish to view.  Please contact the Student HelpDesk by email at or by phone at 931.221.6625 if you still have questions.  

Streaming Media Problems - Should you have problems with streaming media in any of your courses or the videos below, please visit this website for some general troubleshooting solutions:  Streaming Media Help

Desire2Learn Tools

Assessments/Quizzes Calendar Change Password Chat Checklists Classlist Content CourseHome Discussions Dropbox Email Grades Groups Login News My APSU Courses MyHome MyPreferences Rubrics Self Registration Surveys  UserProgress

Assessments (Quizzes/Tests/Exams)      Assessments Video         Assessments PDF

In addition to completing and submitting online quizzes and tests, you will also find any feedback from your instructor in the Quizzes tool.

Calendar              Calendar Video          Calendar PDF

The Calendar will help you manage course-related dates and events. This is where you will find course events such as project due dates, virtual office hours, exam and test information that your instructor posts through the calendar tool. You may also add personal events that will only appear on your own calendar.

Change Password           Change Password Video        Change Password PDF

Your Desire2Learn password must be changed by changing your Self-Service six digit pin number.  If you change your Self-Service six digit pin number, it will also change your OneStop and iTunes University password.  

Chat          Chat Video                    Chat PDF

The Chat tool will allow you to engage in real time text discussions with users and colleagues.  You can hold group meetings, brainstorm ideas, and chat as a group.

Checklists       Checklist Video               Checklist

The Checklist tool allows you to keep track of assignments (or other important items) in your course.

Classlist           Classlist Video             Classlist PDF

The Classlist stores information about faculty and students enrolled in your course.  You may use the checklist to view online status for a student and send emails to your instructor or classmates.  You will also use the classlist to access group information in your course.

Content          Content Video                Content             

Content is where you will find all your course materials for your online course.  You will be able to access your course syllabus, lecture notes, and course readings.

CourseHome        Course Home Video           Course Home PDF

From your Course Home page, you can access every area of your course, including Content, Discussion Boards, Quizzes. etc. You can also access the Calendar. There are also links on this page to the Felix G. Woodward Library and a few helpful links and how-to guides. Any announcements your instructor posts for the course will appear in the News section.

Discussions       Discussions Video            Discussions PDF

The Discussion Board is a communication tool that can be used to discuss topics from class, sign up for assignments or projects, ask general course questions, etc.  Student conversations are logged and organized in the Discussion Board. Your instructor will create the forum for your class.

Dropbox         Dropbox Video                  Dropbox PDF

The Dropbox allows instructors and students to exchange electronic files through Blackboard. Students submit assignments by uploading files to folders in the Dropbox.  Instructors view submitted files, provide grades and feedback all from within the Dropbox.

Email              Email Video                          Email PDF         

Emails sent through D2L will go to the participant’s D2L email account ONLY so check your D2L account frequently.

Grades           Grades Video                     Grades

Your instructor may choose to enter your grades for you to view inside D2L.  You will be able to view grades on quizzes, assignments, discussion participation, anything that your instructor chooses to display.  Only you and your instructor can view your grades—other students cannot.

Groups          Groups Video                     Groups
Groups tool is used to create group work areas for you and your peers. Your instructor may assign groups to work on projects or assignments, or to create special work areas for students with different learning needs.

Login         Login Video                         LOGINPDF.pdf

How to Login to the Desire to learn server via OneStop and directly through the A-Z index.

News         News Video                          News

Use the News widget to read instructor messages, course information, and other news updates.

My APSU Courses         My APSU Courses      My APSU Courses PDF

Here you will find a list of all of the credit and non-credit courses you are enrolled in at Austin Peay.

MyHome        My Home Video                     MyHome PDF

The My Home page contains links to various tools that help you navigate the D2L system.  The links are arranged inside "widgets" that cannot be moved or changed.  You may return to the My Home page my clicking My Home in the navigation bar or by clicking the APSU Online logo at the top of the page.

MyPreferences          My Preferences Video          MyPreferences

Linked from within the Welcome Widget, the My Preferences page allows you to customize your personal settings so that you may customize the system to display the way you want.


"Rubrics can be created in a variety of forms and levels of complexity, however, they all contain three common features which:

  • focus on measuring a stated objective (performance, behavior, or quality).
  • use a range to rate performance.
  • contain specific performance characteristics arranged in levels indicating the degree to which a standard has been met (Pickett and Dodge)."

Nancy Pickett and Bernie Dodge. "Rubrics for Web Lessons." [Online] 22 October 2001.<>.

Some instructors may use Rubrics created with D2L, Word or Excel.  Please consult your faculty member for any needed explanation about the details of the rubric you may have questions about.

Self Registration          Self Registration Video      Self Registration

Self Registration gives you, as a student, the option to enroll in a specific course for training or tutoring

Surveys             Surveys Video                   Surveys

Surveys are an excellent way for your instructor solicit feedback from students regarding any aspect of your course. This is a great time for you to share your thoughts to your instructor about the course.

User Progress      User Progress Video    User Progress PDF

User Progress contains reports of your progress in all areas of your course.