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Usernames & Passwords

APSU Online Students

D2L Login Information:
To find your NEW D2L username, log into AP Self Service, click on Personal Information, and click on View D2L Username.   Note:   You will not be able to log in to D2L until the day after you register for courses.

Your D2L password will stay the same as it was before in D2L.  If you are new to Austin Peay, then your password will be the mmddyy of birth.

Login Troubleshooting:

  1. To find your username, A-number, and email address, login to AP Self Service.  (The default username and password are your SSN and mmddyy of birth.)
  2. To find your password, click Forgot Password, enter your username, and click to retrieve your password, which will email your password to your LiveMail or Faculty Exchange/Outlook account.  (Login to AP Mail with the prefix of your email address, e.g., jdoe14, and your A-number as the default password.)
  3. You will not be able to login until the day after you register for classes with AP Self Service.  If you registered via GoArmyEd, then you will be unable to login until the day after your schedule appears in AP Self Service.  If you registered for an online course that is an R-section (e.g., R50), then you can access your course via RODP's D2L site.
  4. If you still can't login, contact Distance Education at 931-221-6625, or email the Desire2Learn Administrator at


Students will only have access to courses during the dates for the course as listed in AP Self Service (Banner).  Each course will open in the very early morning hours of the first official day of class, and each will close less than one week after the last official day of class.

RODP Online Students

Accessing your Online Course
RODP online courses require you to logon with a username and password.   

Your RODP User Name and Password will be:

Your User Name is [first initial of your first name + your full last name + your four digit birth month and day] (no spaces). 
Example:  John Smith (birthdate of  February 22) = jsmith0222

Your Password is your six digit birthday date. 
Example:  February 22, 1976 = 022276 (no spaces)

  • UserNames and Passwords are ALL lower-case letters (password, not PassWord).  That's the most common mistake people make when having logon problems.

  • You are responsible for remembering your username and password.  If you forget your password you will need to contact the RODP 24/7 Help Desk at 1-866-550-7637 to have it reset.

  • No usernames or passwords are given out over the phone.

  • DO NOT share your username and password.   Anyone with your username and password can access your course AS YOU.

RODP Help Desk- M-F 8a-4:30p 1-888-223-0023