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Helpful Tips

Maximize your browser window when viewing class material.  It is easier to understand material when you can see the 'big picture'.


Monitor settings

Your monitor resolution should be set no lower than 800x600.  To change the resolution of your monitor:

Right click on your desktop and select 'Properties'

Select the ‘Settings' tab at the top

In the area labeled ‘Screen Resolution’, slide the bar to choose an appropriate resolution.

Click Apply. If you cannot read the screen, wait 30 seconds for your old resolution to be restored. Click OK to finish.

The optimal resolution for your LCD monitor can be found in its specifications under ‘Native Resolution’. For a CRT (box) monitor, choose a resolution that is suitable to your vision.


Check your classes often

Visit your classes so that you can keep up with new discussion topics and new content posted by the professor. Also, make sure to note changes to due dates and quiz/test windows.


Keep your computer up to date

Many of D2L’s software components require your computer to be up-to-date. Make sure to update your operating system, browser, Java, and Flash when you can.


Check your email

In an online course, email is the primary form of communication and is regarded as official communication. Make sure to check your email so that you stay aware of changes in your course.