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Email & Attachments

To get to the email options select the Email link on the top blue bar on your Desire2Learn page.


To Send Email:

 Desire2Learn only allows email to be sent to other Desire2Learn recipients.

-Select <Compose> at the top of the email screen. This will open a new window.

Type the address the email will be sent to in the To: box. If a copy of the email is needed to go to another recipient put their address into the Cc: box. Bcc: is used for sending a copy to others that you do not wish others to see.

-Give the email a subject in the Subject: line

-Type your email message in the Message: box. This part works like most word processing programs.  The Advanced tab gives the composer more options on creating their email.

- To send the email select <Send> on the bottom right corner of the composition window. All sent email will be saved to the Sent Mail folder on the left side of the email screen.

- All email can be saved in the Drafts folder on the left side of the email screen with the <Save as Draft> button.


To Check Email: When you log into Desire2Learn and you have an email message waiting there will be the image of an envelope in the top right corner of your homepage.  You can click this envelope or select the Email link to go to the Email page.

-Inbox: All email sent to you will be placed in the Inbox folder on the left side of the email screen. The number of unread email will be displayed and the Inbox title will be bold, Example: Inbox (2).

-Open email message: To open the email message click the subject of the email it will be blue and underlined.  Opened email will have a bar above with several options. Reply to send an email back to the sender. Reply All will send email to both the sender and who was Cc. Forward allows you to send the received message to another person or group.  Move to Trash will delete the email. Mark Read will mark the email as read and will not show up as unread.  View Printable will give a printable version of the email to print.



Some courses require you to prepare documents with a certain format and appearance.  You will send these to your teacher by email attachment or use the built in "mail-box" in Desire2Learn.

Instructions for email attachments:

-Attach a File: Select <Compose> at the top of the email screen. This will open a new window, Select at the bottom of the new window <Browse>, Select the File you wish to attach, Select <Open> Select <Add>.

-View an Attachment: Open the email message then click on the attachment. Select the open file option on the pop up box.

-Save an Attachment: Select the save file option on the pop up box.  Select location wish to save file to, Select <Save>.