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To access your Preferences in D2L you will need to go to your My Home and then choose Preferences under the Welcome Box.

The Preferences tool allows you to change your online status, font settings, discussion room layout, email preference, and more. Customizing your personal settings is a great way to ensure you are comfortable in the D2L Learning Environment.


 Upon selecting the Preferences Tool you will be taken to the Preferences Home Page.

1.    General

  • General Preferences – Change online status here and what the default CD-ROM Drive for your computer is.
  • Application Settings – This is where you can revoke application access to force all applications to renew their authentication.

2.    Appearance & Accessibility

  • Font Settings – In the Font Settings you can adjust the Font Face, Font Size, and preview the resulting changes before saving.
  • Dialog Setting – You can set secondary windows as Dialogs or Pop-ups. It is recommended to set secondary windows as pop-ups if you are using assistive technology.
  • HTML Editor Settings - This is where you can turn on or off the rich text editor and view source for the HTML editor. If you are using assistive technology, it may difficult to navigate the rich text editor.

3.    Language & Region

  • Time Zone – You can set the time zone settings here. The options include the continent and the time zone selection.

4.    Discussions

  • Personal Settings – There are plenty of options for the Discussion Boards. It starts off with the Display settings. Here you can choose whether or not to display the topics list, search bar, and preview pane. Next is the Default Message List View; it can be either threaded or un-threaded. Message List Style is the next setting available. Here you can set the message list to grid or a reading style. Message Fields to display can be set to message ID on or off. The character limits option lets you limit the amount of characters in the subject in the messages. Lastly, the Reply Settings lets you include the original message text in a reply email or to turn that feature off. It is on by default.

5.    Email

  • Email Options – In the email options section you can turn on or off the tracking of activity, turn on or off original messages in email replies, and turn on or off the saving of sent messages in the Sent Mail folder. You can also set your email signature here.
  • Display Options – There are five options in the display options section. These are all checkbox choices that turn on or off the feature that they apply to. The first allows you to show the message preview pane. The next one enables or disables the folder list pane view. Next, you can turn on or off the mark messages read in the message preview pane. Next, you can show internal email addresses in the address book or not. Finally, you can allow the filtering of messages and contacts on group enrollments.

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