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To access your My Home in D2L you can click the My Home link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.

The My Home page contains links to various tools that help you navigate the D2L system. The links are arranged inside “widgets” that cannot be moved or changed. From My Home you will be able to set up your profile, edit your preferences and access your courses.


My Home Homepage

Upon clicking the My Home link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the My Home Homepage.

1. The Welcome Box is where you will access your D2L preferences, profile, and track progress in your courses.

This option will allow you to set preferences in D2L. You can set general preferences such as font settings, operating system, and how the navigation bars look. Under preferences you can also set settings for the Discussion Boards in your courses. Finally, you can change view settings, message settings, and display settings.

Enter information about yourself, including your photo. Remember that anyone else enrolled in your classes can view this information so only enter the items that you want to be relatively public. You can retrieve profile information about other users through the Classlist.

 This tool will allow you to track your progress in any of your courses. You will be able to see login information as well as dates and times when you accessed the different sections in D2L.

2. Events and Calendar entries will be seen in this Widget. By selecting the Calendar Icon  you will be taken to the Calendar Tool in D2L where you can add Events to your Calendar.

3. Your Courses will appear here when they are created. Your courses will be organized into semesters. Click this sign  to expand the view for all your courses. The default availability time for your courses is the first day of class and approximately one week after the end of finals. Please contact your instructor to inquire if you may be allowed to view course content before class begins or after it ends.



This widget contains links to useful APSU websites. This widget was created by the D2L administrator and cannot be removed. 

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