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To access your Grades in D2L you can click the Grades link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home. 


Use the Grade tool to check your grades on assignments, tests, discussion participation and anything else your Instructor chooses to display.  You can see your individual grades and comments; as well as class averages and feedback should your Instructor choose to display those.  Only you and your Instructor can view your grades, other students cannot.

Grades Homepage

Upon clicking the Grades Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Grades Homepage.


1.  Thegrade3.png button will allow you to print out a copy of your grades from D2L.

2. This area is where you will see your courses various Graded items as well as your score and what the percentage or weight they are towards your Final Grade

3.  Should your Instructor choose to leave Feedback you will be able to view that here.

4.  The multi-colored chart button will allow you to view any statistical information that your instructor has made available.  The example below may not be indicative of the level of information made available by your instructor.


Course Final Grade

Should your Instructor choose to release and show your Final Grade in D2L it will be available at the top of the Grades Homepage.


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