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Discussions Homepage

Upon clicking the Discussions Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the

Discussions Homepage.


1. The Display drop down menu will allow you to select between "All Forums and Topics" and

"Topics with Unread". If you select "All Forums and Topics" you will see all Discussion

Forums that are available in your course. If you choose "Topics with Unread" you will see the

Discussion Forums where you have yet to read through the messages. This can be a great tool to

jump right to Forums you still need to read thru.

2. This area will contain the Discussion Board Title along with a description of what the

Instructor may want posted in it.

3. This graphic disc3.pngrepresents a Forum that is visible only for a specific range of dates. Note at

the bottom of the Forum description you can see the date ranges. This Forum will only be

visible during this time frame and before and after those dates you will not be able to see it or

make posts.


4. This area is the actual Discussion Forum where you can read and make posts. Note how it

tells you how many discussions are going on in the Forum and how many you have left to read.

You will click this link to enter that particular Discussion Forum.


5. Some Discussion Forums have multiple topics inside them. You can enter each one

separately by clicking the links here or if you click the Discussion Board Title you will be taken

to a page where you can choose which Topic you want to post inside.