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Homeland Security

Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Homeland Security

Major: Criminal Justice with Homeland Security concentration

There is no doubt the events of September 11, 2001 made the issue of homeland security a top national priority, not only for government officials but for all Americans. While homeland security departments have been created at the state and national levels, the first line of defense against terrorism is still the police officer on the street.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security is designed to appeal to students from all backgrounds looking for advanced training in homeland security and terrorism studies. Our program allows you to tailor your education. We will provide a solid foundation in criminal justice, and you choose among electives and classes in your concentration, focusing on options such as law, public management, politics, psychology, and sociology.

  The Criminal Justice/Homeland Security degree will prepare you for a successful career in a growing field by supplying you with up-to-date information as well as a broad understanding of theory and practice in the field. Whether you are called on to create a plan of prevention or offer insight into possible terrorist motivations, you will be ready to make a difference. The demand for personnel educated in the highly specialized field of homeland security has escalated steadily since 9/11, with career opportunities in city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as private businesses and industries.