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To access your Course Home in D2L, click on the class you wish to enter.


Course Home


1. This is your navigation bar. This is where you will be able to navigate through the course.

 2. Events will be posted in this section. Items that are due or upcoming items will be posted here.

 3. Blackboard Instant Messenger can be downloaded via links in this section.

 4. Course bookmarks will be located here.

5. This is the News section. Your professor will post messages here that are available for the entire class to view.

 6. The Class Climate section will offer surveys used to evaluate Austin Peay courses.

 7. The Library widget provides helpful links and how-to guides.

 8. The Help section provides numbers to the D2L help desk and other academic services. 

 9. This is where you will find your D2L email. Your D2L email is not linked to your Onestop email.


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