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To access your Classlist in D2L you can click the Classlist link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.   

The Classlist stores information about the faculty and students enrolled in your D2L course.  You can use Classlist to see who is online, send emails, page classmates, view blogs, and track you own progress in the course.


Classlist Home 

Upon clicking the Classlist link you will be taken to the Classlist Home Page.  




1.  These tabs will allow you to sort your classlist view by students and instructors.  This will allow to quickly find who you are looking for that is enrolled in your course.

2.  The View By drop down menu will allow you to sort your classlist view by Groups.  If your Instructor has assigned the class into Groups you can view which classmates are in your Group as well as the other Groups that have been assigned.

3.  The Search function will allow you to search your course by username, first name, and last name.  This will allow you to quickly find another user enrolled in your course.

4.  These buttons will allow you to contact users enrolled in your class.  Select the checkbox by the person you want to contact and then select the communication method you would like. 

This button will open an email to each user you have selected from the classlist. 

This button will allow you to print a list of all users enrolled in the course or just the ones you select.

5. The Online Status icon displays beside the names of users who are currently online in D2L.

6.  The Actions buttons will give you information about other users enrolled in your course. 

The View Profile button will allow you to view a user's profile information, such as their full name, address, work experience, hobbies, and interests. 

The View Progress button will allow to view a quick overview of your progress on assignments, quizzes, and other course content.  (May not be available in all classes.) 

The View Enrollments button will allow you to view which groups a user is enrolled in.  (May not be available in all classes.) 

The View Blog button will allow you to view the selected user's blog.  You can only view items the user has made public.


Sending Email through the Classlist

You may choose to email individual users through the classlist, all users who fall within a particular category or tab (i.e. all students), a select group of users or you may email everyone in the classlist.

To email one user:

1. Locate the user in the classlist.

2. Click the checkbox next to the users name and click the email button .

To email all users in one category:

1. Click on the tab that you wish to email.

2. Click the Email everyone on this page button at the top of the page .  The usernames will be automatically added to the email message.

To email all users in the course:

1. Make sure you are on the All tab under Classlist view.

2. Click the Email everyone on this page button at the top of the page.  The usernames will be automatically added to the email message. 


After clicking the email button a new window will open to allow you to compose a new message.






1.  The Address Book button will open your Address Book where you can keep an online list of your contacts and organize contacts into groups.  You can also select more contacts to add to your email message.

2.  The Subject line will be the topic or description of your email message.

3.  The text box is where you will enter the body or content of your email message.  You have the basic word editing tools such as (bold, underline, italic, and orientation).

4.  The Attachments box will allow you to add a file from your computer to include with the email message.  By clicking browse you will be able to select a file off your computer.  Once you have found the file you want to attach, click it and then click Open to add it to the email message.

5.  Cancel will allow you to cancel the message and return to your Classlist Home Page.

6.  The Send button is what you will click once you are done composing your message.  Make sure you have all other fields done before clicking Send as you will not be able to go back and edit the message once it is sent.

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