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Check Lists

The Checklist tool allows you to keep track of assignments (or other important items) in your online courses.

To access the Checklist tool, click on Checklist in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page:


You will be taken to the Checklists area, where you can see any Checklist items the instructor has made for the course:


Once you click on a Category, you will see all of the Checklist items the Category contains. The name of the Category you are viewing will be at the top of the page:


1. There can be sub-categories within a Category. “Research Papers” is the name of this particular sub-category.

2. Each sub-category can also include a short description.

3. The name of each Checklist item is in bold text.

4. The blue text indicates a set due date for the Checklist item. This date serves as a reminder that the assignment named in the bold text is due at a certain time.

5. Each Checklist item also includes a short description.

6. Once you have completed an item, you can click this box to indicate that the item has been completed.

7. If you do not wish to save any changes you have made to your Checklist, you may click Cancel.

8. Click Save to save any changes you have made to your Checklist.


If you have made any changes you wish to make and click Save, your screen will refresh and any changes you have made will be applied. In this instance, we have checked the box beside Research Paper #1:



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