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To access Chat in D2L you can click the Chat link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.

The Chat tool will allow you to engage in real time text discussions with users and colleagues.  You can hold group meetings, brainstorm ideas, and chat as a group.


Chat  Homepage

Upon clicking the Chat Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Chat Homepage.

1.button will allow you to start a new general or private chat session. 

2.  button will allow you to change your chat alias appearance and sound options for when new chat messages are received. 

3.  The Search field will allow you to search within Chat sessions.

4.  This area will contain all Chat sessions, general and private.  To enter a ongoing chat session just click the Chat session name.  This area may also contain a description of what the Chat session is about. 

5.  This number will show you how many users are currently in the Chat room. 

6.  button will allow you to view archives of previous Chat sessions.


Create New Chat 

Only your instructor can create General Chat rooms for everyone to enter and discuss.  Students are able to create Personal chats that anyone in their Instructor assigned Group can enter.  To create a New Personal Chat select the New Chat button from the Chat Homepage.

1. Here you will enter the Title to your Chat room. 

2.  Enter a description so your Group Members will know what the Chat is about. 

3.  To Finish and create the Chat room click the Submit button.  After creating the Chat room all your group members will now see your Personal Chat Room.

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