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Assessments (Quizzes/Tests/Exams)

To access your Quizzes in D2L you can click the Quizzes link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.


The Quizzes page is where you will access all your Quizzes and Tests that your Instructor makes available for you.  This page is also where you will come to review your Quiz/Test results and view class statistics.

Quizzes Home

Upon clicking the Quizzes link you will be taken to the Quizzes Home Page.


1.  The first thing you should note is the availability dates and times.  You will not be able to enter a quiz before the start date or after the end date unless the Instructor grants you special permission.


2.  The Attempts field will show you how many attempts the Instructor will allow and how may you have remaining.

Under the Attempts field you will also see if you have an attempt in progress.  If you see a red * next to your attempt you left an assessment without submitting it.  You should always submit your attempts for grading.


3.  To begin a quiz or view the description you can click the blue hyperlinked name of the quiz or test as shown in the image to the right.  You will not begin the quiz or test by clicking this link. It begins on the next page where you click the Start Quiz link to actually begin.


4.  The next item you should be aware of is the Information button.  The button looks like two sheets and a question mark and is shown in the image below. It allows you to view information the Instructor has chosen to make available to you after the quiz or test.  Note:  Some Instructors may not use this option.


5.  The final item is the reports button.  The button has a green heartbeat on it and is shown in the image below. This will allow you to view any reports your Instructor may have chosen to let you view.
Note:  Some Instructors may not use this option.


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