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Basic Information

This page is designed to give the basic information that you need as you begin the decision process of becoming a BSN degree seeking student at APSU. It is not meant to be comprehensive, as the many pages of the website it is associated with can provide you with detailed responses to your questions. Please read the website thoroughly.

  1. Austin Peay offers a 4 year BSN degree for persons seeking to be a licensed RN. The BSN consists of 3 semesters (49 credit hours) of pre-requisite CORE classes followed by 5 semesters (2.5 years) of nursing classes.  There is not a two year associates degree nursing program at APSU.
  2. Nursing courses completed at other institutions are rarely accepted.
  3. You must be completing your CORE classes at the time of application and be able to finish them prior to being accepted into the SON. For a list of these courses Click Here
  4. Your sciences can be no older than 7 years at the time of application to the SON.
  5. Your GPA must be at least a 3.0 to apply: click here to compute your GPA.
  6. Applications are taken twice a year with deadlines for applications being September 1 & May 1.
  7. For licensed Registered Nurses, we do have an RN to BSN completion track that allows you to complete your Bachelors degree online. Please go to the  RN to BSN link for further information.