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Nursing Education Concentration

The Nursing Education Concentration is designed to prepare students to meet established nurse educator competencies in one of five advanced clinical-focused areas:

  • Adult Health Nursing
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Women's Health & Perinatal Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing

Students acquire knowledge, develop skills, and internalize values needed for success as a nurse educator in areas such as:

  • Teaching as a faculty member in a pre-licensure program
  • Continuing education for clinical staff
  • Patient education

A firm foundation in teaching/learning principles, curriculum/program development and evaluation, methods to evaluate learning, and implementation of the educator role prepares graduates to assume these responsibilities with competence and confidence.


Core Requirements 

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
NURS 5000 Theoretical Foundations3
NURS 5001 Health Care Policy3
NURS 5002 Advanced Nursing Research3
NURS 5003 Advanced Role Development3
NURS 5990 Scholarly Synthesis/Research3
Total Hours15


Concentration Requirements

Course Number & NameCredit Hours 
NURS 5204 Curriculum Design & Education Theory3
NURS 5205 Evaluation Methods in Nursing Education3
NURS 5101 Advanced Health Assessment3
NURS 5102 Advanced Health Assessment - Clinical1
NURS 5103 Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 5104 Advanced Pharmacology3
Total Hours 16


Specialty Electives Clinical Focus (Complete 3 hours from one of the specialty areas listed below)

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
 NURS 5505 Advanced Adult Health Nursing  3
NURS 5515 Advanced Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing3
NURS 5525 Advanced Critical Care Nursing3
NURS 5545 Advanced Women's Health & Perinatal Nursing3
NURS 5635 Advanced Pediatric Nursing3
Total Hours3


Practicum Requirements

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
NURS 5207 Clinical Focus Practicum2
NURS 5209 Nursing Education Practicum4
Total Hours6


Program Hours

Nursing Education Concentration Credit Hours: 40
Total Practice Contact Hours: 360
Clinical Focus Practicum: 120

Nursing Education Practicum: 240

Nursing Education students may not use their place of employment as a clinical site for either NURS 5207 or NURS 5209. A preceptor for the NURS 5207 course must be at least a Master's-prepared clinician working in an acute care setting. The preceptor for the NURS 5209 course must be, at a minimum, a Master's-prepared educator working either in higher education or staff development/education setting. All sites and preceptors must be approved by the Nursing Education Concentration Coordinator and faculty.

Nursing Education Concentration Coordinators

For questions and assistance regarding practicum and clinical placement, please contact:

Dr. Doris Davenport (NURS 5209) Email:

Sample Sequence of Study

The links below provide students with a suggested sequence of study based upon semester of program entry and part-time or full-time status.