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Austin Peay State University Nursing Students

AMEDD and Associated Programs

The AMEDD liaison is Danielle White. Please contact Professor White at or phone (931) 221-7492.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA) written for Austin Peay State University (APSU) AMEDD students are intended for currently enrolled APSU students as well as students who are already admitted and planning to transfer to APSU. In order to receive a CLA from APSU, all students are required to provide their APSU student “A” number (student ID) and APSU student email account. No student will receive a CLA from APSU without this information and no exceptions will be made. Students planning to transfer to APSU should start the APSU university admission process well in advance of requesting a CLA in order to have access to their “A” number and APSU email address. Please understand, ALL students must apply to the nursing program. A CLA is not the same as a nursing application.

Prospective Students of AMEDD and Associated Programs:

Before requesting a conditional letter of acceptance and plan for completion, please be sure that you have read the admission requirements found on this website and that you have, to the best of your ability, filled in the Advising form found at Pre-Nursing Advisor link at the left. Please include this plan along with the following items when you submit your request. Requests should be submitted to the Pre-Nursing Advisor: Ms. Tina Massey at A soldier must have ten or fewer semester hours remaining of the total APSU School of Nursing prerequisites in order for his or her conditional letter to be written, no more than four of the remaining credit hours can be from science courses. Prior to conditional letters being submitted, a soldier must have applied to APSU to become a student, all official transcripts must have been submitted to the APSU Admissions Office, and all transcripts must have been evaulated by an APSU Office of the Registrar's evaluator in order to receive a conditional letter.

In order to provide you with the necessary inclusions for your AMEDD packet, the following will be needed:

  • The Admission's Office will also need official transcripts at the time of your application to the university. Please be advised that the School of Nursing will accept credit for ONLY Biology 2010/2011 based on Dantes/CLEP/Military Arts Transcript. You must take both lecture and lab classes for BIOL 2020/2021 and BIOL 2300/2301. Please know, once a transcript evaluator has reviewed your transcript and all your transfer credits are in the system, I will gladly meet with you to discuss your PreNursing GPA.
  • Indicate the semester you plan to enter the nursing program (no CORE classes (nursing prerequisites) can be remaining at this time)
  • Include a plan for completion of pre-nursing CORE with semester and date listed for each course.
  • Include your Social Security Number and rank.
  • Include the semester dates, (start and end of semester dates can be found by viewing the academic calendar), for all nursing semesters found on the NURS program of study
  • Include an official letter (on military letterhead) from either a recruiter or the AECP board which contains a  bulleted list of all items that are required to be included in the conditional and/or unconditional letter.
  • Include a recent, four-part, TEAS test result page.
  • Please complete the Conditional Letter of Acceptance Request form (see link below) and submit it with all other required documentation.
  • Include a copy of the ranking GPA spreadsheet found at
  • CLA's are not guaranteeing you a place in the Nursing Program. You must complete and submit a School of Nursing Application to be considered for placement.
  • DA 2125 forms must be submitted as a .pdf. Forms submitted as a .xfdl are not acceptable.
  • Eight hours of the twelve hours of required APSU School of Nursing science courses (curriculum) must already be completed (within the seven-year time frame). 

If you have been accepted as an APSU student (you must have an APSU student email and APSU student A number), have provided the APSU Admissions Office official copies of ALL your transcripts, and based on the APSU School of Nursing prerequisite nursing courses listed on your transcript, it  can be determined that you would be a competitive applicant (at least a GPA of 3.45 or better) then we will happily write a conditional letter of acceptance and determine your plan for completion of the BSN. Qualified candidates will receive one (1) conditional letter, prior to being accepted into the nursing program and (1) unconditional letter, after being accepted into the nursing program. Unconditional letters will be written after a student is officially accepted into the School of Nursing program, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please be advised that due to summer clinical size, restrictions may be placed on the number of available AMEDD positions. Both APSU's time frame for completion and tuition fall within the military framework.

AMEDD soldiers complete the APSU Nursing program within the 24 month requirement.

For questions regarding fees, please contact the Bursar’s 's Office.

APSU School of Nursing has a NCLEX pass rate of greater than 90%.

We value your participation in our program!

Conditional Letter of Acceptance Request form Conditional_Letter_of_Acceptance_Request_Form.pdf