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Where, oh where, has the AP page gone?

October 22, 2001

If you read "The Leaf-Chronicle" regularly, you may have noticed there has been no "APSU Page" the last few weeks. Since the terrorists' attacks Sept. 11, the newspaper has focused on the war in Afghanistan and on homeland security, as has most media.

Local media has the additional obligation of serving an audience with a high concentration of military, military dependents and retired military.

Asked about the perceived decline in APSU coverage, Dimon Kendrick-Holmes, city editor of "The Leaf-Chronicle," explained the newspaper's policy.

Editors attempts to run "top news stories" about APSU quickly in the appropriate section of the paper, generally on the front page or in the local section.

Information about events sponsored by the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts is printed in Friday's "Go" section.

Information about other events is printed as soon as possible.

The APSU Page, historically published on Tuesday, is for general University news and features that are not time-sensitive. Because the APSU Page is not purchased space, the editorial staff at "The Leaf-Chronicle" decides which of the articles submitted will be used, Kendrick-Holmes explained. Also, due to limited space, information for the APSU Page may not run every week.