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UT-Knoxville deferring some enrollments

February 11, 2002

Thanks to an increase in applications this year, UT-Knoxville has deferred decisions on 1,500 students so far this year, according to an article in "The Tennessean," and it probably will defer decisions on more in the coming months.

If projections hold up, the university will receive 9,000 to 10,000 applications for a freshman class of 3,800.

Marshall Rose, director of admissions, attributes the increases to the popularity of the early action plan, which made its debut last year. Better communications between the admissions staff and applicants, better and earlier marketing of the university's scholarships for top students, and the desire of some students to go to school in a relatively safe place like Knoxville also attributed to the increase, Rose says.

The university could need at least $600,000 in additional money to hire enough adjunct instructors to teach the courses. The university also is considering how to house the additional freshmen, who typically live in university housing.