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Tuition hiked by 7.5 percent

July 30, 2002

Following a recommendation from THEC a week earlier, the TBR approved a 7.5 percent tuition increase Monday, July 15 in an 11-2 vote. The increase will affect students on all the system's 45 campuses.

The 7.5 increase moves Tennessee tuition into the "higher than average" category when compared to peer universities in the South, according to Dr. Bob Adams, interim vice chancellor for business and finance, TBR, and APSU vice president for finance and administration.

Annual tuition and fees at Austin Peay will go from $3,190 to $3,454 for in-state, full-time undergraduates. Students seeking a master's degree will pay $4,396.

The current increase is the third in as many years. Tuition was hiked by 10 percent in 2000-2001 and by 15 percent in 2001-2002. Undergraduate tuition has doubled at Austin Peay in the last decade.

Dr. Sherry Hoppe, APSU president, says the additional funding will be used to increase library holdings, operating budgets, tutoring scholarships and professional development travel.

Subject to approval by the TBR, a portion of the money also could be used to fund a new compensation plan for faculty and staff, according to Hoppe.

THEC delayed its plan to cap enrollments at 5 percent above 2002-03 levels after feedback from the TBR and UT systems.

The commission also postponed putting forth a recommendation that all athletic programs be self-supporting, though that policy could be implemented later.