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Trenton Hassel--and his socks--make headlines

January 15, 2001

Austin Peay swingman Trenton Hassell wears his white athletic socks pulled to the top of his knee caps, where they lightly graze the bottom of his baggy shorts. It's a look he borrowed from the Lakers Michael Cooper, he says, not because he liked the way Cooper looked, but because “I liked the way he played.”

Hassel's socks and his photo were featured on the cover of "The Tennessean's" sports section Friday, Jan. 12 in a story titled “Rage Gear,” an exploration of how players make statements using everything from headbands to tatoos.

Of course, the real reason Hassel wears his socks so high is because of the “skinny little legs” he had in high school. He says he got so used to wearing his sock up to his knees, he's kept up the practice, even though he's “filled out” since then.