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THEC considers budget increase

November 27, 2000

Appropriations for Tennessee's college and universities was a major item of business for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in its quarterly meeting Nov. 16.

The Commission considered a total higher education operating budget of $1.30 billion, which represented an increase of $254 million, or 24.3 percent, over the 2000-01 appropriation.

In addition, the Commission recommended $129.9 million for capital outlay projects and $67.1 million for capital maintenance.

Here (in rounded numbers) are the suggested appropriations:

$901M - Operations, utilities and maintenance (includes faculty salaries)
$19.7M - Centers of Excellence 
$1.4M  - Campus Centers of Interest
$8M - Desegregation of student population and
$2.7M - Undergraduate academic scholarship 
$4M - Additional scholarships
$30M - Laboratory equipment
$20M - Distance learning initiatives
$12.5M - Research initiatives (to address qualitative   enhancements)
$5.3M - Tuition discounts and waivers for teachers and state employees
$129.9M - Capital outlay 
$67.1M - Capital maintenance 

Upon approval by the Commission, these recommendations will be forwarded to the Governor, who may incorporate them into the executive budget. That budget will be presented to the General Assembly for its approval in 2001 and could result in funding by July 1, 2001.

InnerAction will follow and report on the process.