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Technology Committee issues call for equipment requests

November 5, 2002

Austin Peay collects more than $1.5 million a year from fees charged to students for technology enhancements. The University allocates additional resources from its state appropriation for equipment that does not meet Technology Access Fee (TAF) guidelines.

Faculty and staff in need of technology-based equipment—and this includes any technology-based equipment, not just computer-based equipment—must present requests via a special form to the Technology Committee. Review by the committee allows members to prioritize the request, determine which source of funds is more appropriate and integrate TAF and non-TAF funds.

"Last year there was some confusion about the submission of requests for non-TAF-eligible equipment," Dr. Hoppe says, "and, since it was the first year for combining TAF and non-TAF requests, exceptions were made to consider requests that did not go to the Technology Committee.

"This year, with University-wide notification through 'InnerAction,' the budget committee does not plan to consider any equipment requests that have not been through the Technology Committee for its review and recommendations for prioritization.

"Thus, anyone requesting equipment for the spring budget cycle must submit the request according to the instructions and forms provided by the Technology Committee."

To access the instructions, forms, and other information, go to

Questions should be directed to Nancy Smithfield, chair of the Technology Committee.