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Students learn about Holocaust, European culture through study-abroad program

October 8, 2002

Dr. Dewey Browder, chair and professor of history, will take students on a cultural and historical tour of Germany, France and Austria from May 17-June 10, 2003.

“The course itself is on the Holocaust, but we go out of the way to experience the culture and life of Europe as well,” said Browder. This includes food, art, architecture, dress, customs and history.

Students will visit Natzweiler-Struthof and Dachau concentration camps, Obersalzberg (Hitler's tea house), Heidelberg and Nuremberg, all of which are significant for their roles either during or after the Nazi regime.

In addition, the traveling seminar will journey to Paris, Versailles (court of Louis XIV), Salzburg (birthplace of Mozart), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (home of the Zugspitze), Schlo Neuschwanstein (the fairy-tale castle of “mad” King Ludwig) and Rothenberg on the Tauber.

“The visit to the sites is a very emotional experience for students. Intellectually, it's sometimes a shocking experience when we talk about the barbarianism of the period,” said Browder. “In such a civilized world, it can be hard to believe that these things can go on.”

History comes to life as students assemble for a class in the Nuremberg war-crimes courtroom where the Nazi war criminals were brought to justice.

“They have a chance to sit in the judge's chair and understand what really happened there—justice for man's inhumanity to man,” said Browder. “I always tell the students that this is not just a Jewish or German problem. It's a human problem. The reason we teach it is so we can guard against having it happen again.”

The Holocaust study-abroad course is now in its seventh year. Eighteen students attended last year's course including 10 students from Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C.

Sign-ups for the program are in Harned Hall, room 340, through the end of January. The class is open to any student attending a college in the Tennessee Board of Regents system.

The total cost including tuition, airfare, lodging, meals, site visits, textbooks, transportation and spending money is $4,600. The costs have risen slightly since last year to cover the tuition increase at APSU and inflation associated with the introduction of the new European currency, the Euro. An installment plan is offered.

For more information, telephone the department of history and philosophy at 7919.