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Psychology prof latest to be interviewed by media

February 19, 2001

Momentum is growing for Austin Peay's "Local Angle" as area reporters realize how easily they can put a local spin on a national news story.

A creation of Austin Peay's Office of Public Relations, Publications and Marketing, "Local Angle" offers media a few succinct points by APSU faculty on everything from the proposed state lottery to the phenomenon of reality TV. Editors are then encouraged to follow up with the quoted faculty member for additional information.

According to Ken West, response to "Local Angle" is sure but not always swift.

"There are often time delays," he says. "We'll send out the information and nothing happens. Then, bingo, weeks later the faculty member gets a call."

A case in point: When an earthquake shook Evansville, Ind. several weeks ago, a "Local Angle" quoting geology professor Dr. DMS Bhatia was sent to area media. At first there was no response, but when 1000s of people were killed by an earthquake in India, Bhatia was interviewed. The result was a front-page article and photo in "The Leaf Chronicle."

Here are follow-ups to "Local Angle" notices by media since Jan. 2: