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Professor uses technology to transmit accounting course to Bosnia

January 22, 2001

Daniel Roman, a soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, was completing a second degree in business at Austin Peay when he was deployed last month to Bosnia.

Torn between his commitment to serve and his drive to continue progressing toward his degree, he sent an e-mail to Dr. Carmen Reagan, dean of the College of Business, expressing a desire to take an income tax accounting course during the spring semester.

“I have only a year and a half left in the military,” he wrote, “and I'm working hard on ...completing the necessary courses for the CPA before I get out.”

When Reagan shared news of Roman's plight with Dr. Roger Clark, associate professor of accounting, Clark decided that with Roman's will there must be a way.

The solution was found on a computer chip. Roman could take the class via the Internet.

With assistance from Tom Moseley, coordinator of distance learning and off-campus programs, class lectures would be delivered via computerized audio files. The files will be accessible not only to Roman but to other students in the class who might have missed a lecture or who want to hear a particular point again.

A required group project would be completed via online chats with members of Roman's assigned group.

With a plan in place, Roman proceeded to register, purchase the required text and peruse the syllabus. A tape of the first lecture went out today.

Despite thousands of miles separating professor and student, the APSU tradition of faculty commitment to students and their success continues, thanks to the “caring heart and creativity of Roger Clark,” notes Reagan.