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Professor uses technology to bring eight-week physics course to main campus

December 10, 2001

Physics professor Dr. Arthur Carpenter will teach stellar astronomy at the Center @ Fort Campbell during Spring I term. Nothing unusual there. What is unusual is that, through the miracle of interactive television, he'll teach the course to students on main campus at the same time.

Students can earn four credit hours in introductory astronomy in the eight-week course (Physics 1220 and 1221), and it satisfies the liberal arts core requirement, according to Carpenter. Best of all, main campus students don't have to leave the campus, and they can complete the course in eight weeks. It may even be free for some students.

"Main-campus students should be told by their advisers that this is a good option if they want to complete a science core requirement in an intensive but short period of time, or if they just have an interest in astronomy and want to know about the universe," Carpenter said. "The interactive television course costs students nothing additional if they are attending Austin Peay full time, and it can be used to complete a full schedule of classes, just like any other spring term class."

Main campus students whose Spring 2002 class schedules or work hours preclude their taking a class on the Clarksville campus should investigate the interactive television course as a viable and positive option, Carpenter says. "This class would also be ideal for students needing Monday and Wednesday afternoons free after mid-March. I encourage academic advisers to tell their advisees about this option."

Planetary Astronomy (Physics 1210/1211) will be offered via interactive television during the Center @ Fort Campbell's Spring II Term.

For more information about the stellar astronomy interactive television course, telephone Carpenter at 6118 or contact him by e-mail. For information about other interactive television courses, telephone Tom Moseley at 1014 or contact him by e-mail.