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Professor and guests to visit Baha'i Spiritual Assembly and Hindu temple

October 29, 2002

An Austin Peay professor of history invites spiritual pilgrims and lovers of wisdom to journey with him to two cultural centers in Nashville to learn about the Baha'i and Hindu religions.

Dr. Burt Randall welcomes faculty and staff to join him as he and his philosophy and religious studies students attend the Baha'i Spiritual Assembly in Nashville, Sunday, Nov. 3.

The chair of the U.S. Baha'i Spiritual Assemblies will be the featured speaker of the assembly. He will discuss a recent letter sent by the Baha'i International House of Justice in Haifa, Israel to the world's leaders. An open discussion will follow.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Baha'is and their efforts for peace throughout the world,” said Randall.

The Baha'is are the latest of the monotheistic faiths of the West, originating in 19th century Iran. At the center of their teachings is the belief in the oneness of God, oneness of all human beings, end of prejudice and war, equality of women, just distribution of wealth, universal education, individual responsibility to seek truth, harmony of science and religion and acceptance of the religious traditions of the world's great religions.

Then on Friday, Nov. 8, Randall will take students for a tour of the Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee. Tour guide Radha Babo will take students into the Hindu temple as she talks about the foundations, beliefs and values of Hinduism.

A statement provided by the center explains that “Hindus believe in One Supreme Being who is infinite, all-pervasive and eternal, and the source of all Creation. God is in everything that exists, and is at the same time beyond the manifest universe.”

Students who wish to attend the Baha'i Spiritual Assembly will meet on the Harned porch no later than 8:15 a.m. They can expect to return around 2 p.m. Those wishing to go to the Hindu Center should meet on the Harned porch no later than noon. That group should return by 5:30 p.m. Socks must be worn in the Hindu temple; shoes are not allowed.

For further information, telephone Randall at 7479.