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December 3, 2002

Nancy Smithfield, mathematics and computer science, chaired the annual Mid-Southeast ACM conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Nov. 21 and 22. Dr. Bruce Myers served as the program chair, coordinating 52 paper presentations by professionals and students. Serving as one of six undergraduate judges for the student paper competition was Dr. Jim Vandergriff. Vandergriff serves as the student adviser to the University's ACM student group. Twelve students attended the conference and three presented papers with two receiving awards. Darek Manley, Office of Information Technology, served as the technical manager for the conference. Manley installed all the computer equipment for the conference and assisted presenters in setting up their presentations. Charles Wall, director of the Office of the Information Technology, attended the conference and also assisted presenters and the conference chair.

Dr. Roy Baker, assistant professor of marketing, and Dr. Jerry Plummer, assistant professor of economics, attended the fourth annual Academy of Business Disciplines in Ft. Myers Beach, Fla., Nov. 7-10. Baker, along with Dr. Uma J. Iyer, assistant professor of psychology, presented a paper, "Manic Depressive and Schizophrenic Organizations: Diagnosis and Treatment." Plummer presented two papers co-authored with Dr. Tommy C. Meadows, chair and professor of economics: "When Marketing and Technology Mix in a Recession: The Confusing Issues of Memory and CPU Claims" and "A System Collapsed: The Sad Story of the Tennessee State Legislative Budget Quandary of 2002." Plummer also moderated one of the conference sessions. Baker and Iyer—in conjunction with Dr. James B. Schiro, associate graduate faculty, College of Extended Learning, Central Michigan University, and Dr. Julia A. Teahen, president, Baker College Online—participated in a panel discussion: "Going Online: Administrative Issues in Implementing an Online Program." Plummer was appointed to the review board for the Academy of Business Disciplines.