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Phonathon raises more than $156,000

December 11, 2000

Running from Sept. 11 to Oct. 5, the $156,406 total was the highest ever raised in a single APSU phonathon.
"I was elated,” says Shelia Boone, interim director of alumni relations, “especially since we were able to not only surpass the goal we had set for this year but also all past phonathon earnings.”

One likely reason for the event's success is that more faculty members turned out this year to participate. “We had twice as many faculty participate this year as in past years, and we greatly appreciate their support,” Boone says.

Seventy-four Austin Peay faculty, staff and students logged in more than 14,000 minutes during the three-week event.

Lawrence Baggett, associate professor and chair of accounting at APSU, surpassed his fellow callers, bringing in $17,800 for his department.

Once collected, pledged contributions become part of the general scholarship fund or, at the donor's request, specific departmental scholarships.

Operational costs of the event were negligible, thanks to assistance from community businesses. John Moss and Verizon Wireless donated telephone equipment and absorbed the cost of all long-distance charges for the third consecutive year. First USA also helped underwrite some of the expenses.”

Because of the generosity of these corporate donors, all the money can go entirely to scholarships,” Boone says.