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Phi Kappa Phi offers free screening of "unconventional" and engaging film

March 26, 2001

Catch a free showing of "Buffalo '66" at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 29 in the Media Center's Projection Room.

The 1998 film stars Vincent Gallo as Billy Brown, who has just been released from prison at the film's opening. Christina Ricci offers what Roger Ebert called "an astonishing performance" as Layla, a "Barbie-dressed-as-a-hooker" dance instructor impetuously kidnapped by Brown when he goes in search of an available bathroom. Brown's demand of his "victim": she has to pretend to be his wife when he visits his parents.

Far from panicking, Layla throws herself into the role with zeal Angelica Huston and Ben Gazzara star as Brown's parents, who are obsessed with the Buffalo Bills and who are, Gallo has said, patterned after his own quirky parents.

Gallo, who directs as well as stars in the film, is, according to Ebert, "too much in turmoil about this material to organize it into a payoff," i.e. a plot that moves straight to a satisfying conclusion.

He compares the film to improvisational jazz. "Themes are introduced from other movies, and this one does riffs on them….There's not a thing conventional about this 'Buffalo '66,'" he says, giving it three stars.

"Buffalo '66" is rated R. The screening is sponsored by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

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