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Personal computers available for faculty and staff

November 12, 2001

Computer Services will replace some 200 PCs in computer laboratories and classrooms across the campus, thanks to technology access fees paid by students. Computers taken from the labs will be reconditioned and used to replace or upgrade machines in faculty and staff offices, says Charles Wall, director of Computer Services.
"We anticipate having enough usable machines to replace the remaining Zenith personal computers still being used," he says.

Inadequate budgets have made it impossible for departments to purchase needed computer equipment, leaving some employees with no computer at all. "We plan to use lab computers to improve this situation also," Wall says.

Wall is asking budget administrators to compile and submit a list of employees needing machines. The list should include the department name along with the building and room number where the machine would be installed. Lists should be submitted by Friday Nov. 16.

Wall adds one cautionary note: "If the office where the computer will be located is not wired for the campus computer network, the department must fund the cost for needed wiring," he says. "The department must also fund any printer needs and special software required."