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Offices move in as preparations for UC grand opening go on

March 11, 2002

Bright yellow computer wires still hang from open ceiling tiles like mutated bananas. Ten-foot-high boxes marked "HON Office Furniture" still sit stacked in the entry, waiting for assembly.

But by early next week, the effort to move the cafeteria, the post office, six offices and dozens of staff members into the new University Center should be complete.

Wende Jones, former Student Life secretary and now secretary for the UC, was settling in late Friday, and she couldn't be happier. "These offices are much more spacious, and they're much quieter-for now anyway," she says, smiling.

Jones and other Student Life staff were located in Miller Hall before the UC's construction. "We were in an apartment," she says. "My office was in the living room."

Physical Plant staff, who have been heaving and ho-ing for two weeks now, continued their work Friday afternoon, loading computers and equipment from McCord onto pickups for the short drive to the UC loading dock. "We've taken 15 truckloads full so far," says Cecil Moss of the Physical Plant. "And we're not half through."

A group of professional installers from Nashville already had invaded the center, leaving rooms of fully assembled, brand-spanking new furniture in their wake. Among the most distinctive: the coffeehouse/theater chairs, blonde wood pieces with charming cutouts shaped like a cup of coffee-complete with curl of steam.

But most of the work has fallen to Physical Plant. Kelcy Hibpshman, inventory clerk, proudly offers a tour of the second-floor ballroom, with parquet floors, wood tables and seating for 360. Then, it's on to the executive dining and meeting rooms-elegant but not uppity. Quite stylish, really.

Downstairs is the new post office and game room, both with durable red-and-white flooring stretching as far as the eye can see.

But it's the first floor that dazzles. The sweeping curve of the balcony overlooking the entry. The Food Court, with Bene Pizza, Chik-Fil-A, Montague's Deli and the Salad Garden. The expansive eating area with a view of Harned Hall-or several TVs, depending on the diner's mood.

It is perfect. It is breathtaking. And if it doesn't make you proud to be a Peay person, nothing will.

Here's a rundown of offices relocating to the Center.

Student Life will move from Miller 101 to UC 211.
MultiEthnic Services will move Ellington 207 to UC 211.
Career Resources will move from Ellington 217 to UC 208.
The Learning Center will move from McCord 108 to UC 118.
Student Development will move from McCord 108 to UC 118.
Student Government will move from McCord 100 to UC 115.