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Non-Traditional Student Organization revitalized

November 27, 2000

The NTSO--an organization for students 25 and older, married, or returning to school after an extended absence--is seeking members. The organization can be a vital link for students who sometimes feel uncomfortable in an environment dominated by child-free single 20 somethings.

“We want to get the campus more non-traditionally-oriented,” says Wendy Nelson Wyckoff, NTSO president.

She also wants to provide a social and informational resource for non-traditional students.

“This is a way to solve some of the problems non-traditional students are facing,” she says, adding “Non-traditional students have a different focus and want to seek out others, so they interact with students like themselves.”

Faculty are encouraged to share news of the organization with their students. Interested students can call 6234 or e-mail Nelson-Wyckoff at