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New employees announced

August 28, 2002

Bob Bird, executive director of Austin Peay State University's Office of Human Resources, announces new employees.

Public Safety
*Sanford Pearson was appointed dispatcher 3.

* Scott Combs was appointed assistant men's basketball coach.
* Christopher Taylor was appointed assistant football coach.
* Charles Knapke was appointed assistant football coach.
* Corey Carlin was appointed assistant women's volleyball coach.

* Debra Matthews was appointed housing specialist.

* Sherry Bagwell was appointed secretary 2/introductory laboratory supervisor.

Registrar's Office
* Cynthia Buck was appointed registration clerk.

Child Learning Center
* Carolyn Edwards was appointed child care aide 2.
* Keri Welker was appointed child care aide 2.

College of Professional Programs and Social Sciences
* Rolinda Cary was appointed secretary 3.

High School Upward Bound
8 Jennie Postler was appointed academic counselor.

* Patsy Wade was appointed staff accompanist.