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New cyberlounge offers space for surf, sport, culture

September 24, 2000

Computerless folks wanting to surf the Web have a new place to go at Austin Peay State University—a cyberlounge.

The cyberlounge is located in Room 107 of the Memorial Health Building and includes eight computers. But sports fans will enjoy the space too, thanks to the addition of a big screen TV and comfy seating.

The lounge is the result of the dedication and cooperation of many members of the University staff, says Dr. Tony Golden, a founding member of the APSU Technology Board and the person charged with developing the specifications for the cyberlounge computers.

Director of Student Activities Andy Kean made the initial proposal and contacted the Technology Board about purchasing computers.

Stephanie Taylor, APSU network manager, developed configurations for the computers. Computer Services created the network connections.

Physical Plant staff, already deeply entrenched in construction and moving projects, adopted a can-do attitude and made the cyberlounge "their pet project," says Ben Pratt, director of the Physical Plant.

They started by renovating the space and building a room divider to separate the TV area from the computer area. But the room still needed something.

Enter Ivan Colon and Raymond Wright, Physical Plant painters. They brought out their brushes and with a few well-planned strokes created an enormous mural. The central object in the mural is a larger-than-life camera lens for people to focus on themselves.

"I think people don't do that enough," says Colon.
The right side of the mural has form, but the left side is chaotic. "In ourselves, there are both calm areas and chaotic areas," says Colon.

The mural also includes a cyberspace man, a mini solar system and a mysterious code. Faculty and staff are invited to explore the code, the mural and the entire space.

The cyberlounge is open 8 to 10., Monday through Friday, noon-6 on Saturday and 2 to 9 Sunday.