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NCAA certifies APSU athletics

December 18, 2000

The NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification announced Thursday that Austin Peay State University has been certified, meaning APSU operates its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Division I membership.

“This was APSU's first experience with the NCAA certification process, and receiving the certification on our first attempt is a very positive reflection on our athletic administration,” said Dr. Sherry Hoppe, APSU interim president. “The entire coaching staff, under the leadership of Athletic Director Dave Loos, is to be commended on this significant accomplishment,” she said.

“It was an interesting and terrific learning experience for us,” said Dave Loos, APSU athletics director. “We took a good, hard look at ourselves as an athletics department and found out where we are and where we need to go.

“There are some equity issues we need to deal with and that is a work in progress,” Loos said. “We want to enhance all our programs, but it takes time and resources, and we are working on that all the time.”

Loos also thanked Dr. Bruce Myers, APSU professor of mathematics and computer science, who chaired APSU's certification committee, and all those faculty, staff, student and community members who served during the self-study. This provided an opportunity for members of the campus and community to learn about and evaluate the athletics program.

The purpose of the certification program is to ensure integrity in the institution's athletics operations and to assist athletics departments in improving their program. All NCAA Division I members voted in 1993 to mandate athletics certification as a key part of NCAA's reform agenda.

The certification process is led by the school's chief executive officer on each of the campuses.
Certification examines the athletics department's governance and commitment to rules compliance, academic and fiscal integrity, and commitment to equity. The self-study committee analyzed these four areas and submitted the report to the NCAA.

After APSU presented that self-study to the NCAA, a peer group of administrators from other NCAA member institutions visited the APSU campus and interviewed several APSU employees. The peer group then reported back to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification, which made the final decision to certify APSU's athletics programs.

This certification process is separate from the NCAA's enforcement program, which investigates allegations that member institutions have violated NCAA rules.

There are 304 colleges and universities that have completed a year-long certification process, and all 305 Division I members who were active division members when certification began will participate in the process.