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Nashville Tech to be a technical community college

April 22, 2002

The state House of Representatives voted 98-0 to approve the conversion of Nashville State Technical Institute to Nashville State Community College.

Students at the White Bridge Road campus now will be able to get associate's degrees that are transferable to four-year universities in the Tennessee Board of Regents system.

Dr. Bruce Speck says the impact of the decision on APSU will depend, in part, on what comes of the University's Developmental Study Program. "If THEC's proposal to transfer all DSP courses to community colleges within two years is approved, then we will work closely with Nashville State Community College to make that conversion."

Speck says the change, if approved, may entail our requesting NSCC to accept transfer of Austin Peay faculty who teach DSP courses. Or, he says, "NSCC might want to offer DSP courses on our campus."

In either case, the change is likely to negatively impact enrollment. And though that outcome would not be desirable, the University will cooperate fully in its implementation, Speck says. "We will work with NSCC to make whatever changes are necessary to serve students better."