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Move it or you may lose it: Computer Services warns of problems with old server

March 12, 2001

Do you have a page on APSU's VMS Web server? If so, you should know that Web server "occasionally stops working," warns Reggie Wooden, Web manager. "During those outages, people who come to your site won't be able to view your content."

How can you tell if your page is on the old server? Note the first part of the Web address, Wooden says. "If it has the prefix http://www2 or http://apsu01, your page resides on the old Web server.

How do you fix it? Contact Reginald Wooden or Laquita Maxwell. They can move your site from the www2/apsu01 server to the more reliable server.

One more thing, Wooden says. When your site is moved, check out the suffix. See a tilde (~)? Get rid of it.

"On the old Web server it was necessary, but on the new, it could cause problems with forms submitted via the Web," he says.

"You'll get to the same place without it."