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Memphis doctor, APSU grad, thanks teachers

February 5, 2001

Dr. William L. Russo, a Memphis cardiologist, credits his Austin Peay faculty not only for preparing him for the medical field, but also for the knowledge that led to his first published novel.

Russo, a 1967 graduate with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, dropped a note to "Ask a Gov." He writes:

"Harry McLeod was my major adviser. He helped me get into the University of Tennessee Medical School. After graduation and five years of residency, I began (the) practice of cardiology in Memphis. I can never thank Dr. McLeod enough for his help and encouragement.

"During my undergraduate work in Clarksville (which is my home town), I was lucky to have had Malcolm Glass for English. He first got me interested in writing. Over the past several years, I wrote a novel, which will be published sometime soon. I wish to express my thanks for his excellent abilities and direction."