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Media turns to economist/professor for response to "news" of recession

December 3, 2001

We're in a recession, say statisticians. "What took them so long?" asks Dr. Jerry Plummer, assistant professor of economics, in an article in "The Leaf Chronicle."

In a Nov. 27 article by Jimmy Settle, Plummer spelled out the criteria for a recession (generally, two consecutive quarters of decline in Gross Domestic Product), pointed to local evidence we're in the throes of a downturn (layoffs at Trane and a drop in consumer confidence even among the employed) and speculated on the expected impact on the state's budget (disastrous).

Plummer said recovery lies squarely in the hands of the federal government. "Just when this recession ends will depend on what happens at the national level to stimulate the economy and get people's confidence back. If they come out soon with a stimulus package that looks and sounds reasonable, I'd think we'd be in full recovery by spring."

The newspaper's interview with Plummer came in response to a "Local Angle" sent out by Cristina Henley, communication specialist in the Office of Public Relations. "The Office of Public Relations is committed to positioning Austin Peay State University as a vast intellectual resource for reporters and editors seeking experts who can speak with authority on timely topics and complex issues," she says. "When a breaking story hits or a feature needs an in-depth explanation, we want the media to call our faculty first."

Henley is compiling an Experts List. Faculty and staff are encouraged to send information on their specialties, both personal and professional, to