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McCord Building renovations stalled

July 30, 2002

Although renovation of Austin Peay's McCord Building was the No. 1 capital outlay priority for TBR and THEC and was included in the governor's budget recommendation, it may be some time before the project moves forward, says Dr. Bob Adams, vice president of finance and administration. The reason: It remains unfunded by the legislature.

"I expect this project to be the No. 1 priority again for the 2003-04 budget," Adams says, "but it will continue to be up to the legislature to fund it."

No capital outlay was funded for any institution in the 2002-03 budget cycle.

"It's very frustrating to not have that project underway, but it's out of our control," Adams says. "It's all up to legislative approval, and with the unstable tax structure we have, we may have to wait some time for this project to move forward."