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Management Review of APSU Center at Fort Campbell Complete

September 24, 2000

The management review of the Fort Campbell Center has been completed by consultants commissioned to do the study, according to APSU interim president, Dr. Sherry Hoppe.

The purpose of the review was to assist the University in identifying specific areas of the Fort Campbell operation that might require correction or offer an opportunity for improvement.

The reviewers were specifically charged with reviewing the operation of the Center for compliance with the University's own policies and procedures as well as those of the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Hoppe indicated that while the consultants' report made a number of recommendations, none related to funding or reporting irregularities.

"Most of the findings were in areas where we can make corrections by developing policy or procedures," Hoppe said.

Areas needing review included admissions policies, organizational structure, student-record management, articulation between associate and baccalaureate degrees, fee structure for military personnel, registration process, class schedules, advisement, library resources and student support services.

All recommendations made by the consultants are being assigned to appropriate University personnel for discussion and action. Hoppe expects most issues to be resolved by the end of the semester.