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Loos brushes aside criticism after tournament loss

March 12, 2001

Austin Peay basketball coach Dave Loos responded to critics who say the men's basketball program hasn't been as successful as it should have been in the March 8 issue of "The Leaf-Chronicle."

With a winning percentage in overall games of .591 for the last six years, Loos' record has been better than every team in the Ohio Valley Conference except Murray State, which has a .740 winning percentage for the same time period.

"I don't apologize for the job we've done here," Loos told reporter Dave Link. "I am very proud of what we have accomplished."

Loos said he was particularly proud of what the team has accomplished given its funding. Austin Peay's basketball budget is $270,169, compared to Murray State's $500,000 to $600,000 a year.

"He takes half of what we spend and kicks our butt," said Murray State athletic director E. W. Dinnison. "I don't think people and fans appreciate what they have."

APSU President Sherry Hoppe also defended Loos. "He has my full support," she said.

Addressing those who charge that one person can't serve successfully as coach and as athletic director, as Loos has done for several years, she said, "I know that there are critics out there who think it's impossible to do an excellent job coaching the men's basketball team and being the athletic director, but I haven't seen anything left undone, either on the athletic director's side or the coaching side."