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Jam participants can burn fat, preview aerobics instructors' favorites moves

January 22, 2001

Still have trouble getting your expanding posterior in gear for the New Year? Well, now you've got one less excuse. Faculty, staff and students can head to the Red Barn aerobics room for step-and-sculpt, cardio, body sculpting, yoga and kickboxing classes. The times vary from 7 a.m. To 4:45 p.m., they're offered every day and they are free. Let's emphasize that: FREE.

Now sure what kind of class you want? Preview all of them at the “Fat Burnin' Jam” Wednesday Jan. 24, when instructors will showcase 10 minutes of all their favorite moves.

So no more excuses! Class schedules were sent out to all exchange users. Check your Jan. 18 e-mail. Or just call George Harris at7564 to say “sign me up.”