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InnerAction and APSU Web site add "Announcements" feature

December 3, 2001

To streamline the process of making announcements, a new site is being added to the Austin Peay homepage. The announcements site will enable Austin Peay faculty, staff and students (through appropriate sponsors) to post notices of campus events and activities for a specified time. See Guidelines for detailed step-by-step instructions.

The announcements site will be divided into the following areas:

Faculty and staff: topics related to faculty and staff only. Human resources information and upcoming staff enrichment courses are examples of appropriate posts. These announcements will appear in "InnerAction."

Student: topics related to current students only. Tutoring hours and health services information are examples of appropriate posts.

General: topics of broad interest. This information will be accessible to the community, alumni, prospective students, members of the media and online browsers.

After determining the most appropriate place for your announcement--and confirming the event is published on the University's electronic calendar--just activate the posting link to add your announcement.

The first thing you will see is a log-in box, where'll you'll enter the information below.

Internet Explorer users:
Username: your e-mail address
Password: your e-mail password
Domain name: apsunet

Netscape users:
Domain name/Username: apsunet/your e-mail address
Password: your e-mail password

Now you're ready to post specific information about your event or activity.

Subject: title for the announcement, such as "Holiday Schedule" or "Flu Shots"
Post-from date: date announcement should first appear
Post-to date: date announcement will be removed

You'll also be asked to enter contact information. This includes your organization name, contact person, phone number and e-mail address. Please note that student postings should go through an organization registered in the Office of Student Life.

The announcements site also offers you the option of providing a link to a Web page with full details (a page you have previously created).
If you have questions, please telephone 1294.