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Honor Societies launch effort to combat "careerist" approach to higher ed

April 30, 2001

The Phi Beta Kappa Society announced last Wednesday that it will partner with Phi Theta Kappa to encourage community-college and high-school students to pursue a liberal-arts education, reports the April 26 issue of the "Chronicle of Higher Education."

The program is designed to combat what Phi Beta Kappa officials view as a growing careerist approach to higher education.

"We are concerned that education--is channeling more and more of our brightest students into the narrow field of technology," said Douglas Foard, Phi Beta Kappa's executive secretary.

Activities of the Alliance for Educational Excellence will include seminars broadcasts via satellite to community colleges and high schools. Members also plan to hold a summer institute for high-school and community-college faculty members.

"Workforce training is very important," said Rod Risley, Phi Theta Kappa's executive director, [but] we don't want liberal-arts education to be seen as less valuable.