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Hold that phone!

October 15, 2002

The annual phonathon to alumni of APSU is underway—and under-staffed.

Quite simply, this fall, fewer faculty volunteered to help raise scholarship money by participating in the October phonathon.

According to Shelia Boone, director of the Office of Alumni and Annual Giving, faculty calls last year accounted for about 33 percent of the total funds pledged. In other words, faculty secured a third of the total $107,153 raised.

Boone noted that faculty callers can ask former students if they would like to give to a specific department or program. Last year, Lawrence Baggett, associate professor of accounting, was the top faculty fundraiser, personally securing $20,000 for accounting alumni scholarships.

Boone said, “Faculty callers are our most effective fundraisers. Alumni are pleased to hear from a former professor with whom they can talk about old times, people they both know and current happenings in the department and at the University.

“Alumni are flattered to get a call from one of their former professors. And the faculty who participate say they enjoy the reconnection with former students, too.”

The alumni phonathon continues through Oct. 31. To make it easier for faculty (including retired faculty), Boone will supply cell phones by request. She also will provide special calling cards so faculty can call from their offices or homes. Also, faculty and retired faculty are invited to use the phone bank at the Pace Alumni Center at Emerald Hill between 6-9 p.m., Monday-Friday. Refreshments are provided nightly.

If you are willing to make a few calls to former students, please contact Boone as soon as possible by e-mail or by telephone at 7979.