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Guitar publication profiles Austin Peay music professor

April 29, 2002

From Bach to the Beatles, Dr. Stanley Yates does it all. His range and his unique guitar stylings captured the attention of "Fingerstyle" magazine, which featured him in the February/March 2002 edition.

The associate professor of music and head of Austin Peay State University's guitar program is internationally known as a performer/writer who is making a distinct mark on guitar music-from classical to contemporary.

Like many young men growing up the 1960s, especially those who hailed from the United Kingdom, he is a longtime Beatles fan. Yet, according to Bill Piburn, writer for "Fingerstyle," Yates is among the "most respected scholars on the music of J.S. Bach."

Yates was born in Northern Lancashire, England, moving at age 15 with his family to Liverpool, where his musical studies and performances began. Although in large part, Yates is a self-taught guitarist, he studied musicology, music analysis and performance at Liverpool University.

He met his American wife in England. The two were married on Penny Lane, made famous by the lyrics of a Beatles' hit. The couple moved to the United States, where Yates was awarded a doctoral teaching fellowship at the University of North Texas in 1990.

After leaving the Liverpool of his youth behind and following years of study, professional performance and full-time teaching, Yates has come full circle. According to "Fingerstyle," he is being "courted by one of pop music's biggest producers to record… you guessed it-a tribute to the Beatles."